Generating political momentum: the 2019 Climate Summit

On 23 September 2019, the Secretary-General of the United Nations will host the Climate Action Summit in New York with the objective of boosting ambition and rapidly accelerate action to implement the Paris Agreement. The Secretary-General aims to demonstrate a leap in collective national political ambition and massive low-emission movements in the real economy by raising national ambition, prompting transformative changes and generating political momentum.  To ensure that transformative actions in the real economy are as impactful as possible, the Secretary-General has prioritized the following tracks: Mitigation Strategy, Social and Political Drivers, Youth and Mobilization, Energy Transition, Resilience and Adaptation, Nature-based Solutions, Infrastructure, Cities and Local Action, Climate Finance and Carbon Pricing, and Industry Transition.

The APCW2019 Thematic Blocks will focus on:

  • Energy Transition, to focus on boosting renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy storage, access and innovation as well as mobilizing investments for the energy transition.

  • Nature-based Solutions, to focus on forests and land-based ecosystems, smart agriculture and food systems, regenerating life in rivers, lakes and oceans and enabling all people (and families) to connect to nature. In APCW focus on oceans and coastlines is expected.

  • Infrastructure, Cities and Local Action, to focus on scaling ambitious commitments on low-emission and resilient infrastructure, specifically land-based transportation, buildings, water and waste systems and addressing informal urban settlements vulnerabilities. In APCW focus on transport and buildings is expected

  • Resilience and Adaptation, including integrating climate risks into public and private sector decision-making to assure sustainability of food, water and jobs for the future as well as to prevent disasters and to allow a quick recovery after disasters especially of the most vulnerable groups;

  • Industry Transition, to focus on transforming industries such as Oil and Gas, Steel, Cement, Chemicals and Information Technology.


In addition, the APCW2019 agenda through plenaries, closed and open events and side events, will also discuss matters related to:

  • Climate Finance and Carbon Pricing;

  • NDC implementation;

  • Youth and Civil Society;

  • Transparency;

  • Climate Finance;

  • Social and Political Drivers, to address issues cutting across all the other tracks including health, gender, climate and security and others.

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